Japanese Secateur Onoyoshi TJ008


Highest quality drop forged Japanese secateur. Perfect for a larger hand.

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What’s special about this Japanese Secateur Onoyoshi TJ008:

  • Meant for cuting branches up to 25mm in thickness (For bigger branches use a prunning saw or loppers)
  • Made by traditional methods in a Onoyoshi Hamono forge in Ono, Japan
  • Smooth operation, made in hard and edge retaining steel
  • Ergonomic traditional shape handles with a chunky catch at the bottom
  • Sold with a spare spring
  • Well suited as a gift – packed in a carton box decorated with Japanese Caligraphy
  • Secateur is best sharpened with a general 1000# Japanese waterstone
  • If you take good care of it this secateur will last a lifetime


  • Length: 230mm
  • Edge Length: 75mm
  • Weight: 340 g

Drop forged Japanese Secateur distinguishes itself with ergonomic design, smooth operation, extremely good edge retention and timeless design.

It is however made from traditional carbon steel, very hard but also brittle (more brittle than most people are used to) and rusting. Therefore take good care of this tool, don’t abuse it by cutting wires and such, as well as keeping the tool clean after use and wiping down with camelia oil ocasionally. We offer a Steel Maintenance Package great for all Japanese edge tools.

Made in Japan