ARBORTECH Contour Sander | Ø 50 mm


The ARBORTECH random orbital sander is a specially designed sanding attachment for angle grinder for sanding free-form internal curves, such as shells and deep internal profiles.

You can find the sandpaper for this attachment here and the replacement rubber pad here.

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What is special about ARBORTECH Contour Sander:

  • The mini orbital sander action combined with the patented Flexible Backing Pad will create the perfect finish with no risk of scarring, scratching or blemishing the wood. The 8cm shaft can reach into deep hollows that would otherwise be impossible to reach.
  • ARBORTECH tools are high class, innovative and durable. The contour sanding tool is perfect for detail sanding and spot sanding
  • The circular sander will attach to most standard 100mm  or 115mm grinder (with M14 axle). The ARBORTECH Contour Sander delivers best results in combination with the ARBORTECH Power Carving Unit
  • In addition to the rotary sander attachment for angle grinder, the wood sander set includes a sanding paper set consisting of assorted sanding discs for angle grinders
  • The sandpaper wears evenly through the full area (unlike rotary sanding discs)

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ARBORTECH Contour Sander

Package includes:

  • ARBORTECH Contour Sander
  • Rubber pad
  • 3pcs. of Sanding Paper Pads per each grit (K80 , K120, K180, K240, K320, K400, K600) – total of 24 pcs.
  • Hex key and 2 attachment bolts

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