Arbortech Mini Carver


Fitted with the most powerful Arbortech motor yet and a durable Optibelt to deliver more power and torque for faster, smoother carving, the new and improved Mini Carver is the ideal power tool for wood sculptors and carvers alike who value performance, efficiency and versatility.

The Mini Carver will take users through shaping, sculpting and sanding stages, seamlessly. Robust enough to last but compact enough to offer detailed carving capabilities and maneuverability.

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What’s special about Arbortech Mini Carver?

  • Variable Speed: Six speed settings from 6000 to 18,000 RPM for versatile carving and sanding. High speeds for carving, medium for aggressive sanding.
  • Sanding Performance: Enhanced with a flexible rubber backing pad for durability and smooth sanding. Low speeds ideal for fine, burn-free sanding.
  • Dust Control: Includes a Dust Extraction Attachment for a clean, dust-free workspace during sanding.
  • Carving & Sculpting: Equipped with a durable tungsten carbide tipped blade for optimal performance in hard woods.
  • Vibration Reduction: Improved motor and vibration-reducing handle for enhanced comfort; compact and lightweight for effective power carving.
Arbotech Mini Carver in action
Arbotech Mini Carver in action

Arbortech Mini Carver specifications:

  • Power – 1000W 
  • Disc Diameter – 50 mm
  • Mounting Axle diameter – 9.5 mm
  • Voltage 220-240V
  • Weight 2.35 kg

All of the discs that mount directly on the Arbortech Mini Carver can be found here

Package Includes:

  • Angle grinder with extention – Arbotech Mini Carver
  • 50 mm diameter carving disc Arbortech Mini Pro, with tungsten carbide teeth
  • Flexible sanding pad with 3 grit (#80 / #180 / #320) sandpaper discs ( 5pcs. each)
  • Dust extraction accessoriy (inside diameter – 36 mm)
  • Vibration damping handle
  • Carry Case for convenient and safe transport
Arbotech Mini Carver - package contents

Additional information

Weight 2.35 kg