Arbortech Turbo Plane


The Arbortech TURBO Plane™ is a universal wood shaping blade that can be used to create different shapes, profiles and finishes. Simply attach it to a standard 115mm-125mm angle grinder with a 22.5mm spindle and it can be used flat to create large level surfaces, or used at angles to provide shallow cuts for fine shaping, planing and sculpting.

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What is special about Arbortech Turbo Plane ?

  • Extremely efficient at removing material
  • Leaving a smooth surface that (in many occassions) doesn’t even require sanding or cleanining up
  • Holding it horizontaly works great for flattening larger surface area, tilting it however carves concave curves
  • Great for working with templates
  • Can be directly mounted to a standard (115-125mm) angle grinder with either 14mm or 22.5m axle
  • Long lasting Tungsten Carbide Teeth, dulling resistant even to hardest of Hardwoods. Nothing is sharp forever though, and when it dulls a bit it can be easily sharpened with a Flat Diamond File


  • Diameter: 100mm
  • Max RPM: 12000

Caution: Always wear protective gear and use both hands when handling the angle grinder!

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