Carpenter Chisel Set STUBAI


Professional grade 6-piece carpenters chisel set.

Only 1 left in stock



Chisel Widths:

  • 6mm
  • 10mm
  • 14mm
  • 18mm
  • 22mm
  • 26mm

Full Chisel Length: 250mm-266mm

Blade length: 120mm-136mm.

Steel: Special Tool alloy, 2/3 of the blade is tempered to 62-HRC

Handle: Ergonomic shape, stable on a worksurface. Made from plastic/rubber composite – non slipping in hand. Very durable impact resistant end (with a rubber band). Each chisel is visibly marked with a width of a given tool.

Note: Out of the box the chisels are covered with a protective layer of lacquer that can be easily removed with mineral spirits (or various thinners).

Sold in a cardboard box.


Made in Austria – STUBAI