Concave Eye Cutter Set


A set of various diameter carving bits meant for one task: one step carving of an eye sockets in sculpture and are very effective at it! Can also be applicable for texture work and similar things.

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Set Containing 8pcs. of carving bits, to be used with Die Grinder

Carving at high speed the bit carves as well as burns a round shape closely resembling an eye socket, very useful little tool in sculpture work.

Max Speed: 25000RPM

① ø25.40 mm x 54.00 (h) mm
② ø19.00 mm x 54.00 (h) mm
③ ø15.90 mm x 54.00 (h) mm
④ ø12.70 mm x 54.00 (h) mm
⑤ ø9.5 mm x 54.00(h) mm
⑥ ø9.5 mm x 25.00 (h) mm
⑦ ø7.2 mm x 25.00 (h) mm
⑧ ø4.8 mm x 25.00 (h) mm

Made in South Korea – MANPA TOOLS