Conical Sanding Shaft


Directly mounted on standard angle grinder with M14 spindle.

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What is special about Conical Sanding Shaft?

  • Can be mounted on a standard angle grinder (100mm-115mm) with M14 spindle
  • Can be extended with extra accessories
  • Tungsten Carbide spikes ensure a long lasting sharpness
  • In case of clogging – can easily be cleaned with  a steel brush
  • Works great not only in woodcarving but ice carving as well


  • Widest part: 19mm
  • Thinnest part: 11mm
  • Working Length: 80mm
  • Max depth with adapter included in the package – 195mm (can be extended with extra accessories)
  • Max Speed : 15000 RPM (we recommend using angle grinders with variable speed control)
  • Weight: 380g

Package includes:

  • Carving Attachment Conical Sanding Shaft
  • Adapter M14-M10
  • Mini Extension Bar


Angle grinder is not included in the package!

Caution: Always wear protective gear and use both hands when handling the angle grinder!

Manufacurer: Manpa Corporation