Japanese Hatchet Ebi Nata


A commonly found tool in Japan – used for working with bamboo, chopping firewood, removing bushes, and clearing trails while hiking (like a machete) or even for wood carving.

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Features of the Japanese Hatchet Ebi Nata:

  • Blade with a blunt tip – protects the sharp edge when working on the ground (e.g., chopping firewood on a hard surface), also well-suited for pruning branches – further ones can be easily pulled by hooking with the blade
  • Sturdy construction – the blade is additionally wrapped with a metal reinforcement ring
  • Made with deep forging traditions at the Yoshida-Hamono forge in Taku, Japan
  • Traditional  uncoated oak wood handle
  • Blade made of high-carbon steel
  • Sold with a thin synthetic sheath
Japanese Hatchet Ebi Nata
Japanese Hatchet Ebi Nata

For maintenance and sharpening, we recommend:


  • Blade length: 135 mm
  • Total length: 400 mm
  • Weight: 550 g


The handmade Japanese hatchet is characterized by an ergonomic design, smooth operation, and long-lasting sharpness. However, it is important to know that the hatchet is made of rust-prone steel, so proper maintenance is essential.

After use, we recommend cleaning the blade and applying vegetable oil, and storing the hatchet in a dry place. If rust or other deposits form, you can use products from our steel care kit.

Each hatchet is unique and may slightly differ in appearance from the one shown in the picture. The blade is hand-forged, and the handle is made of natural wood. So it may be slightly darker, lighter, or have other distinctive grain features. This in no way affects the quality but gives each tool more personality.

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