Short Carving Chisel Set


Carving Chisels for woodcarving (or similar hardness materials), meant to be pushed by hand as well as struck with a wooden or rubber mallet.

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What is special about STUBAI Carving Tools

  • Every tool is hand sharpened and inspected for quality
  • Finely prepared smooth surface on the blade, making further sharpening so much easier
  • High quality steel – retains sharp edge for a long time
  • Blade Hardness: 58-60 HRC
  • Ergonomic Handles, with angular properties – does not roll when placed on a worktable. Made from Beechwood

Chisel Widths:

  • Straight 3mm
  • Skewed 7mm
  • Gouge 5mm
  • V Shape 5mm
  • Lightly convex 4.5mm
  • Gouge 5.5 mm

We recommend using  Profiled Sharpening Stones or TORMEK sharpening system to keep your tools sharp.

A few tips how to handle carving chisels:

Made in Austria – STUBAI