Arbortech Ball Gouge


This 30mm diameter ball-shaped cutter is ideal for carving smooth hollows in wooden spoons, small bowls and is useful for small to medium sculpting.

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What is special about Arbortech Ball Gouge?

  • Doesn’t produce any dust while working and leaves a smooth surface finish, similar to a carving gouge.
  • Uniquely fitting for carving out bowls, plates, spoons and texturing.
  • Arbortech Ball Gouge has a uniquely positioned round HSS steel blade that can be flipped around and easily sharpened with a Flat Diamond File
  • Very easy to control. “Anti Grab” technology from Arbortech.
  • Can be directly mounted to a standard (115-125mm) angle grinder with either 14mm or 22.5m axle
  • 30mm diameter and 90mm in length this carving attachment gives access to deeper areas and crevices

Package includes:

  • Spherical carving attachment Arbortech Ball Gouge
  • Hex key for access to the blade

Usage examples for inspiration from Arbortech:

Made by Arbortech Pty Ltd

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