BRUNS Tool Holder


Stop the chaos in the basement and the garden!

Who doesn’t want that? Appliances and objects, which are lying around and cannot be found when they are needed. A mess? Which you want to change? – But how?

With the Bruns-Tool-Holder. It’s unique and innovative simplicity meets your every demand.

This appliance holder grabs hold infinitely, and in a  variable way, (nearly all) appliances with a handle made of wood, metal or plastic.



Why choose BRUNS Tool Holder?

  • Unique and patented tool “grabber” mechanism, adjusts to almost any shape or form tools up to 50mm in diameter
  • Very easy attach/take off – just raise the tool slightly and the mechanism disengages, and vice versa (the weight of the object being held presses the mechanism shut)
  • up to 10kg per 1 BRUNS Tool Holder
  • Integrated system with an aluminum rail and traditional style hooks.
  • Holders can be attached to the wall separately or inserted into the aluminum rail (where it slides freely and lets you easily adapt to different hanging arrangements)
Įrankių laikiklių sistema „Bruns“

Made in Germany

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