Canvas Apron AP1


Tough, functional, and indispensable canvas apron from BeaverCraft.

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Canvas Apron AP1 from BeaverCarft:

  • Versatile utility: Equally great for woodworkers, gardeners, painters, and even mechanics
  • The high quality green canvas , not just dense and sustainable, but also fluid-resistant
  • Long lasting – reinforced with metal grommets and rivets!
  • Contains three pockets – small one at chest height and two spacious ones down lower
  • Comfortably fits everyone, with enough coverage to keep you clean from chest to knee
  • Cross-back straps and a loop around waist to save your neck during those long work hours
BeaverCarft Canvas Apron AP1
BeaverCarft Canvas Apron AP1


Width: 68 cm (27 inches)
Length: 86 cm (34 inches)

Made in Ukraine