Sandpaper Cleaning Stick


This stick is designed to unclog and clean sandpaper, from various sanders to hand held piece of sandpaper. It substantially increses the use time of sandpaper.

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Why choose Sandpaper Cleaning Stick?

  • Substantially improved use time on sandpaper. Especially in the case of clogged paper (when sanding softwood, sanding surface with finish on it etc.)
  • Made from special rubber  that doesn’t dull the abrasive particles on sandpaper
  • Originally created to accompany the KIRJES Sanding System, but works just as well on any sanding tool (belt sanders, excentric sanders, rotary sander, cylindrical as well as handheld pieces of sandpaper) and abrasive variety.
  • Long lasting
  • Very easy to use. Just apply light pressure and slide it on the spinning surface of a sander that you want to clean. In case of handheld paper – use as you would an eraser on a piece of paper


  • 150x40x40mm

Made by KIRJES