Foldable Japanese Saws FUGAKU 240mm




What’s special about these Foldable Japanese Handsaws?

  • Japanese saws, opposite of traditional western saws cut on the pullstroke. Resulting blades of the Japanese saws can be much thinner and easier to control as the blade straightens itself on the pull motion (like a string)
  • Thin blade with crosscut teeth
  • Easily foldable with a fixating mechanism. For safe transportation or carrying in a pocket while working on a site.
  • Long lasting impulse hardened (70HRC) teeth
  • Replaceable blades
  • Solid Wood handle
  • Excellent for various species of wood, from exotic hardwoods to softwoods. Also cuts well through composite materials like OSB, MDF, Plywood, although these dull the blade much faster compared to solid wood


Additional information

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