Inflatable Sanding Drum Set KJ-101


Loved by Woodcarvers and Woodturners around the world – this unique Sanding System encompasses a full spectrum of neccessary tools for sanding organic shames and bowls.

From a silent motor to the inflatable sanding drum that adjust to the shape being sanded.


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Full set of Inflatable Sanding Drums (same as in the Complete Kirjes Set) Can be used with any rotary tool (Dand drill, Drill press, Stationary motors, Lathe etc.) with up to  3000RPM

Set includes :

  • 1pcs. Sanding Drum KJ120: ⌀20mm, Height: 32mm, Shaft: ⌀6mm
  • 1pcs. Sanding Drum KJ120R: ⌀20mm, Height: 17mm, Shaft: ⌀6mm
  • 1pcs. Sanding Drum KJ130: ⌀28mm, Height: 80mm, Shaft: ⌀8mm
  • 1pcs. Sanding Drum KJ140: ⌀42mm, Height: 44mm, Shaft: ⌀6mm
  • 1pcs. Sanding Drum KJ140R: ⌀42mm, Height: 40mm, Shaft: ⌀6mm
  • 1pcs. Handheld Pump
  • 1pcs. Sandpaper Eraser
  • Total of 15pcs. of Sandpaper (#80,#150,#320 for each sanding drum)

Made in Sweden – KIRJES