Japanese Chisel Set


Hand crafted Japanese chisel set

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Width: 9, 15, 24, 30, 36 mm
Blade length: 60mm
Overall length: 225mm
Steel: Cutting edge is made of yellow paper steel (60-62HRC) laminated with softer steel which allows for easier sharpening.

Steel is high in carbon therefore requires for special care to prevent corrosion.

Handle: red oak wood

Comes in a paulownia wood case.

NOTICE: Traditional Japanese chisels need to be prepared for use by the owner. The hoop at the end of the handle has to be fitted to prevent the handle from splitting.

Blades may vary in length slightly due being handmade and handles might differ in colour and grain from those showed in the pictures. These variations in no way affect the quality of a chisel but rather add a touch of uniqueness.

Made in Japan FUJIKAWA