Saburrtooth Round Carving Disc ⌀100mm


Round Carving Disc properties

  • Meant for shaping 16mm and larger radius concave profiles and other general carving tasks
  • Best fitting for ⌀115mm ir ⌀125mm angle grinders with 22.5mm mounting axle


Saburrtooth Round Carving Disc ⌀100mm

  • Can be mounted directly on the common angle grinders (115mm and 125mm) with 22.5mm mounting axle
  • Because of it’s high versatility it’s the most popular shape power carving disc among woodcarvers and sculptors alike.

SABURRTOOTH – Rasp Wheels and Burrs

Easy to handle, remove material surprisingly fast and last extremely long

Industrial grade – loved by professional sculptors, woodcarvers, furniture makers and even used in the car tire industry, for fast removal of rubber.

What’s so special about SABURRTOOH carving tools?

  • Tungsten Carbide cutting points – outlasting any other woodcarving tool on the market
  • Handles extremely well (no jerking) therefore are one of the safest tools for angle grinder carving
  • Made by using a special SABURRTOOTH exclusive technology that produces symetrical cone shaped cutting points
  • Full range of grits – from ultrafast removal to smooth end surface
  • Works well on: wood, rubber, silicone, plastic, eps foam, bone, ice, glass fiber, polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, composite material, graphite, gypsum and other. (not recommended on ceramics & metal)

Use Recommendations:

  • Recommended speed: 4000 -15000 RPM
  • Works better with faster speeds
  • Clean the buildup with a metal brush (do not clean while the tool is turning)
  • Wear protection gear while working at all times