Japanese Plane Gisuke 50mm


A great all around Japanese Handplane.

When prepared right and sharpened well this tool is a pleasure to work with and will deliver exeedingly clean cuts with a sharp edge that lasts.

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Japanese Kanna Handplanes – Setup is essential before first time use

When you first receive a traditional Kanna handplane, it’s not yet fully prepared for use. You must take good care and finish fiiting the blade to the body by slowly removing wood from the bed (the place where the blade rests) until it can slide down enough to start cutting.

It requires attention and care to not have the blade too loose as it won’t hold the desired depth of cut consistently. As well as not too tight as it can split the body of the plane. 

The internet is a good source for instructions on how to prepare your Kanna Handplanes the first time after purchase. Youtube Search: Setting Up Japanese Handplane

Japanese Plane Gisuke 50mm
Japanese Plane Gisuke 50mm

Japanese Plane Gisuke 50mm Features:

  • Unlike western handplanes the Japanese Kanna are meant to be used on the pull stroke
  • Cutting edge is made of Hitachi white paper steel (60-62HRC) for sharpness and durability, laminated with softer steel which allows for easier sharpening
  • Traditional hollow back (Ura) for ease of sharpening
  • Angles and depth of cut meant to be adjusted with steel hammer or a mallet
  • Steel is high in carbon therefore requires for special care to prevent corrosion
  • Body made from white oak (unfinished)
  • Body requires regular maintenance – sole needs to be ocassionally checked for flatness and adjusted with sandpaper or a scraper


  • Blade width: 50mm
  • Bevel angle: ~30°
  • Body width: 65mm
  • Overall length: 270mm

Recommendations for Maintenance & Sharpening:

Japanese Plane Gisuke 50mm


Before using traditional japanese handplanes need to be prepared for use by the owner. Failing to do so and trying to pound the blade all the way can result in splitting of the handplane body.

Traditional Carbon Steel Japanese Handplane  distinguishes itself with extremely good edge retention. It is however made from carbon steel, very hard but also brittle (more brittle than most people are used to) and rusting. Therefore take good care of this tool, keep the tool clean after use and wipe the blade down with camelia oil ocasionally. We offer a Steel Maintenance Package great for all Japanese edge tools.

Blades may vary in dimensions slightly and body might differ in colour and grain from those showed in the pictures. These variations in no way affect the quality of a chisel but rather add a touch of uniqueness.

Made in Japan – TAKAGI

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