Japanese Wooden Mallet


Traditionally in Japan, it is used in assembling furniture and other wooden structures, as well as setting wooden plane blades.

It is ideal for use with carving and woodworking chisels with wooden handles, especially in lighter work (small notches or carving sculpture details, etc.).

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Features of the Japanese Wooden Mallet:

  • Body: Oak
  • Finish: Polyurethane laquer
  • Handle length: 36cm
  • Head length: 15cm
  • Head diameter: 54mm
  • Weight: 400g


  • The mallet’s head is not secured to the handle, it can be fixed with glue or a wooden wedge if necessary
  • The wood grain and shades may slightly differ from the one shown in the picture. This in no way affects the quality, but it gives each tool more uniqueness and character

Made in Japan – Ryoma

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