Kitchen Knife Kogata Houcho 150mm


Small and universal handmade Japanese kitchen knife.

Great for finer work – peeling filleting and such.

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What makes Japanese Kitchen Knife Kogata Houcho special?

  • Handmade in Miki, Japan a town with an old smith’s tradition at a Miki Hamono forge.
  • Damascus steel blade (16 layers on both sides) blade core made of “Takefu VGold-10” steel.
  • Hard blade resistant to scratching and corrosion yet easy to sharpen.
  • Perfect as a gift as the knife comes in a  Japanese calligraphy ornamented box.
  • Handle is made of a multilayered heat pressed and impregnated wood.


  • Blade hardness : 61±1 HRC scale
  • Overall length is 260mm
  • Blade length 150mm


Made in Japan