Luban Low Angle Block Plane


High quality low angle bevel up block plane.

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Low Angle Block Plane from LUBAN – a must have in every Tool Chest!

Manufactured to the highest quality standarts by a well known maker this bevel up low angle block plane is really a must have for anyone that has to work with wood in any way (not just fine woodworking).

It’s compact, quality machined, versatile tool that will deliver every time you pick it up, with only one condition – keep that edge sharp.


  • Ajustable mouth – greatly enhances versatility as the plane can be used for rougher work as well as smoothing
  • T10 (RC 60-63) steel blade that is easy to sharpen and holds the edge for a long time
  • Low angle of the bed allows this plane to be used on end grain as well as regular planing (you can sharpen the blade at an increased angle which in turn increases the angle of attack as well)
  • Quality machined and flattened sole with a sharp blade, that just works out of the box and doesn’t require any preparation for most users
  • Moulded after a classic Stanley No. 65
  • Cast Iron body with brass caps and handles & stainless steel adjustment screw
Luban Low Angle Block Plane

Measurements and weight:

  • Size: 160 x 45 x 63 mm
  • Blade thickness: 3 mm
  • Blade width: 35 mm
  • Bed angle: 12°
  • Weight: 800 g

Recommendations for Maintenance & Sharpening:

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Made in China – LUBAN

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