MANPA EZ Sander 65


Sanding attachment mounted on a hand-drill or a similar driver.

Spare brushes and sandpaper can be found here.

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What is special about the MANPA EZ Sander 65?

  • Perfect for use mounted on a hand-drill or a similar driver
  • 8mm fastening holder
  • Drum measurements without brushes: 65x65x90(h)mm
  • Diameter with brushes: 157mm
  • Maximum recommended revolutions up to 2500 rpm
  • Direction of rotation – only clockwise
  • Set includes #60 grit sandpaper, 12 pieces of brush extender and M10/M22 adapter
  • Both sandpaper and brushes are replaceable when worn out
  • Possible grit sizes of sandpaper: #60 #240

Important information:

Always wear protective gear and use both hands when using power tools!

Angle grinder is not included with this product.

Made in South Korea – MANPA TOOLS

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South Korea