MANPA Multi Cutter Master Kit


Universal extension arm for the angle grinder. Can be used with carving as well as sanding discs of various diameters.

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What is special about MANPA Multi Cutter Master Kit:

  • Can be directly mounted to a standard (115-125mm) angle grinder with either 14mm or 22.5m axle
  • Easy to handle
  • Selection of three extension lengths – 200mm, 270mm and 348mm. Allowing to work even the hardest to reach areas
  • Wide selection of carving discs available working with this extension. Ranging from 45mm – 100mm in diameter (45mm disc requires an extra accessory to be attached)
  • Long lasting Replaceable Tungsten Carbide Teeth, dulling resistant even to hardest of Hardwoods. Nothing is sharp forever though, and when it dulls a bit it can be easily sharpened with a Flat Diamond File
  • As the teeth get duller you can simply turn them and expose the other (newly sharp) portion of the edge
  • With extra accessories can be used for metal and stone grinding as well

MANPA Multi Cutter Master Kit specifications:

  • Max Disc diameter: 100mm
  • Max depth of cut (with 100mm disc): 35mm
  • Disc Bore Size:   16.03 mm
  • Recommended wattage of the angle grinder  ~750W  Max.  15000 RPM
  • Weight 0,8kg. (without angle grinder)

Package includes:


  1. ⌀70mm Circular Cutter (8mm teeth)
  2. Belt Protector
  3. Extra handle for better grip
  4. Extra disc guard for 100mm discs
  5. Cog wheels
  6. Adapter Ring 42.50 & 44.00 – for fitting of Bosch,Makita,Dewalt and most other angle grinders
  7. Torx Wrench & L Wrench
  8. Spanner
  9. Timing Belt 200, 270, 348 XL (2pcs. each)
  10. ⌀100mm Circular Cutter(8mm teeth)
  11. 2 Extension Tools (270, 348 mm)

Angle grinder is not included in the package!

Caution: Always wear protective gear and use both hands when handling the angle grinder! Also it’s recommended to use an angle grinder with slow starting function – it vastly improves the longevity of the belts and cog wheels as fast start puts heavy strain on the belt system.

Made in South Korea – MANPA TOOLS


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