MANPA Sanding Spindle


Can be used on a standart angle grinder through adapter M14-M10
Sandpaper for this spindle can be found here

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  • Measurements: 98x22mm
  • Spindle Size: M10
  • Max Sanding Depth: 70mm
  • Available Sandpaper Grit: #40, #80, #120, #240
  • Can be used with Multi Extension Shaft or mounted through adapter M14-M10 directly on an angle grinder
  • Max Speed: 5000apm

Pastaba: Adapter M14-M10 is sold separately.

Package includes:

1. MANPA Sanding Spindle
2. Hex key for changing sandpaper
3. Sanding paper 1pcs each grit (#40, #80, #120, #240)

Made in South Korea – MANPA TOOLS