Organic Oil Wax KIRJES


The KIRJES ORGANIC OIL-WAX is primarily intended to give a high quality surface protection to finely sanded velvety wooden surfaces.

It’ s a product that can be used without failure by the beginner or by the professional!

Volume – 300g

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KIRJES Advantages:

  • 2 in 1 product. The oil penetrates into and impregnates the wood whilst the wax is left on top of the surface as a protective layer
  • Lets the wood breathe. The Oil-Wax works on wood as the famous Gore-Tex membrane works on textiles. This ensures good protection against moisture and dirt from the outside and keeps the wood healthy from the inside
  • Derived from old traditional Swedish finishes based on Swedish cold processed Linseed oil mixed with bees-wax and enhanced with wax from the Bearberry Plant (Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi)
  • Dries relatively fast (1 -2 days) due to high contents of linolenic acids in the Linseed oil, and hardens/cures within 2 weeks
  • Pure and organic product without any additives or solvents. It is non-toxic whether in paste or dried form. Items that come in contact with food can be taken into use immediately after having been treated with Kirjes Oil-Wax
  • Apply with a soft cloth or soft tissue paper. Preferably use a hot air gun or hair drier when applying the Oil-Wax. This makes the Oil-Wax even more easy to spread out and it speeds up the drying/­ curing process.
  • Leaves a silky matt surface in one or two layers. Add more layers to increase gloss

Made in Sweden – KIRJES