Packable Rain Boots POKEBOO


*advice for size: we recommend choosing a size that is one above your usual (for example – instead of 44 choose 45)



Why Choose Packable Rain Boots POKEBOO ?

  • Made from high quality natural rubber
  • Inside is lined with a thin layer of nylon, resulting in ease of putting on and taking off
  • Completely waterproof
  • Very thin and flexible soles resulting in unrestricted movement (unlike most bulky rubber boots)
  • Light and compact – one pair weights about as much a small water bottle (~500g)
  • Rain boots come packed in a convenient and durable bag wit a caribine – that you can easily attach to backpacks and such
  • These boots are perfect for use in all kinds of outdoor settings, including campgrounds, fishing trips, and open-air festivals. They also provide great backup in case of sudden rainstorms or other inclement weather, making these boots a stylish and reliable option for the urban trekker as well
  • POKEBOO won the famous Red Dot Good Design Award in Japan in 2018
  • Made by “ATOM Corporation” which specializes in workwear in Japan for more than 60 years & is recognised as a highest quality brand troughout the world.
  • Historically these boots are designed after the traditional rice plantation boots in Japan

Packable Rain Boots POKEBOO – Product information

  • Material:
    Exterior – natural rubber
    Inside – thin layer of nylon
    Upper part – nylon
    Lace – Polypropilen, nylon and natural rubber
  • Weight (one pair, size L) – 500g.

Packable Rain Boots POKEBOO

Care and Use:

  • Avoid direct contact with machine oil, benzine and other petroleum products. It can react and damage the natural rubber in the boot
  • After usage clean the boots with water and soap. Hang the boots to dry on it’s own or wipe them down with a cloth. (do not put in a dryer or hand on a radiator – excessive heat will damage the boots)
  • We don’t recommend leaving the boots in direct Sunlight – UV radiation will pale the color of the boot after a period of time
  • You might notice small flaking or scratches on the rubber – don’t worry. This is not a defect but a sign of a pure natural rubber. If undesirable you can easily wipe the surface clean again with a damp cloth.
  • If rubber is getting sticky to the touch, wipe the boots with damp cloth before storing for a longer period of time.
  • Store the boots in a cool and dry place

Safety and alergies:

  • In very rare occasions some people will experience and allergic reaction to rubber. If you notice skin sensitivity or itching after wearing – avoid using POKEBOO boots

Innovative Japanese design rubber boots that fit snugly and comfortably. Unique shape of the sole, with reinforced heel ensure great traction and wear resistance. Created in Japan by ATOM Corporation and made in Thailand (where most of the natural ruber of the world comes from) under high quality standards. You can acquainted with the manufacturing process in this video:

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