Sanding System KIRJES


Loved by Woodcarvers and Woodturners around the world – this unique Sanding System encompasses a full spectrum of neccessary tools for sanding organic shapes and bowls.

From a silent motor to the inflatable sanding drum that adjust to the shape being sanded.



What is special about The Sanding System KIRJES?

  • Unique set of inflatable sanding drums. Depending on the inflated pressure can act as a stiff sanding head or a soft “spongy” sander, that adapts to the different curvatures of the surface being sanded.
  • Bowl sanding heads (KJ140R & KJ120R) are an ideal solution for inside (concave) contours
  • Powerful yet very silent KIRJES motor works in passive cooling (can be used for up to 15min continuous sanding)
  • Great control and deep access to hard to reach places when using KIRJES flexible sanding shaft 
  • Using the full system you’ll be working silently, effectively and safely!
  • Meant for furniture makers and professional craftsmen. Made from quality materials (durable steel and dense rubbers)

Full Set of the Sanding System KIRJES includes:

  • KIRJES Motor – 230V | 300W | 3000 aps/min.
  • Flexible Shaft – 1.4m , can be used up to 10000 RPM ,with a chuck for sizes ⌀1.5-10mm
  • 5 pcs. Inflatable Sanding DrumsKJ120 , KJ120R, KJ130, KJ140, KJ140R
  • 3 pcs. of Sandpaper (#80,#150,#320) for every sanding drum. Total of 15pcs. in the set
  • Handpump for KIRJES Sanding Drums
  • 1pcs. Sandpaper Ereaser

Made in Sweden – KIRJES

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