Arbortech Mini Turbo


This is an ideal tool to be used freehand or with guides and templates for accuracy and can also be transformed into an efficient sanding tool. Perfect for medium size sculpting projects, it attaches easily to a standard 100mm – 115mm angle grinder with an M14 spindle, making previously impossible cuts and shapes possible.

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What is special about Arbortech Mini Turbo?

  • Ideal for template work
  • Uniquely fitting for carving out bowls, plates, spoons and texturing.
  • With added adapter can be directly mounted to a standard (115-125mm) angle grinder with either 14mm or 22.5m axle
  • 50mm diameter and 80mm in length carving attachment lets you access harder to reach areas (carving deeper dishes etc.)
  • Long lasting Replaceable Tungsten Carbide Teeth, dulling resistant even to hardest of Hardwoods. Nothing is sharp forever though, and when it dulls a bit it can be easily sharpened with a Flat Diamond File

Package includes:

  • Arbortech Mini Turbo Carving tool
  • Adapter
  • Flexible Sanding Disc with sanding paper (#80 / #180 / #320) 5pcs. for each grit
  • Torx key for carbide teeth

Usage examples:

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