Arbortech Precision Carving System


Dynamite comes in small packages with Arbortech’s smallest attachments yet! Attach the Precision Carving System to the Power Carving Unit or a quality 100mm – 115mm angle grinder with a M14 spindle to achieve detailed carving, intricate texturing and sanding.



What is special about Arbortech Precision Carving System:

  • Smaller diameter and longer axle (total length of 90mm) attachments, are ideal for harder to reach areas as well as carving finer details
  • Very easy to control. “Anti Grab” technology from Arbortech.
  • Can be directly mounted to a standard (115-125mm) angle grinder with either 14mm or 22.5m axle
  • „Precision Ball Gouge“ and „Precision Barrel Carver“ with HSS steel blades that can be easily sharpened with a Flat Diamond File

Package includes:

  • Spherical carving attachment – Precision Ball Gouge ⌀15mm (small „Arbortech Ball Gouge“ versija)
  • Cylindrical carving attachment – Precision Barrel Carver ⌀16mm
  • Sanding barrel ⌀16mm with exchangeable #60 and #120 grit

Use examples for inspiration:

Made by Arbortech Pty Ltd