Folding Knife Higonokami Original


Traditional handmade Japanese pocket knife.

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What makes this Japanese pocket knife special?

  • Higonokami – widely used traditional Japanese pocket knife
  • Handmade in Miki, Japan a town with an old smith’s tradition
  • This knife does not have a locking system, therefore the blade must be held up by the pressure of the user’s thumb on its lever
  • Blade is made of  Aogami #1 (blue paper) steel ~62HRC
  • Brass handle


  • Overall length: 210 mm
  • Blade length: 120 mm
  • Cutting edge length: 90 mm

Recommendations for Maintenance & Sharpening:


Traditional Carbon Steel Japanese Knives  distinguish themeselves with extremely good edge retention. They are however made from carbon steel, very hard but also brittle (more brittle than most people are used to) and rusting. Therefore take good care of this tool, keep the tool clean after use and wipe it down with camelia oil ocasionally.

Blades may vary in length slightly and handles might differ in colour and grain from those showed in the pictures. These variations in no way affect the quality of a chisel but rather add a touch of uniqueness.

Folding Knife Higonokami Original

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