Japanese Crafting Knife Yokote Kogatana


Handmade traditional Japanese folding knife.

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Features of the Japanese Crafting Knife Yokote Kogatana:

  • Handmade in Miki, Japan, a town with an old smithing tradition at a Ikeuchi Hamono forge.
  • Double layered blade (softer steel sandwiched around the hard steel core) makes for an easier sharpening.
  • Japanese blue paper steel Ao Gami#2 blade high in carbon.
  • Single bevel blade
Japanese Crafting Knife Yokote Kogatana
Japanese Crafting Knife Yokote Kogatana


  • Full lenght (folded): 120mm
  • Blade lenght: 95mm
  • Blade Width: 27mm
  • Hardness: 60±1 HRC scale
  • Weight: 80g

Recommendations for Maintenance & Sharpening:

Good to know:

Japanese knives are known for retaining their sharpness for a long time, but it’s important to note: the blade is made of rusting steel, so proper care is necessary.

After use, we recommend wiping the blade and applying vegetable-based oil, and storing the knife in a dry place. If rust or other deposits form, you can use products from our Japanese steel care kit.

Each knife is unique, and its appearance may slightly differ from the one shown in the picture. The blade is hand-forged, and the handle is made of natural wood. Therefore, it might be slightly darker, lighter, or have other distinctive pattern features. This in no way affects the quality, but adds more personality to each tool.

Ikeuchi Hamono
Made in Japan – IKEUCHI HAMONO

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