Knife Yanagiba Houcho 210mm


Traditional Yanagiba Japanese single beveled knife meant for slicing and filleting raw fish.

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What makes Yanagiba Knife special?

  • Handmade in Miki, Japan, a town with an old smith’s tradition at a Miki Hamono forge.
  • Double layered blade (softer steel sandwiched around the hard steel core) makes for an easier sharpening.
  • Japanese blue paper steel Ao Gami#2 blade high in carbon.
  • Magnolia wood handle (unfinished).
  • Single beveled blade for precision slicing.
  • Perfect as a gift, comes in a Japanese calligraphy ornamented box.


  • Blade hardness : 60±1 HRC scale
  • Overall length is 380mm
  • Blade length 210mm

NOTICE: The blade is made of rusting steel therefore it is essential to wipe it dry and coat it in oil after washing (Camellia oil is prefect for coating).

Made in Japan