Knife Sashimi Houcho 240mm


Handmade Japanese single edged sashimi knife. Meant for slicing and filleting raw fish.

Made of stainless steel.

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What makes Sashimi Houcho special?

  • Handmade in Miki, Japan, a town with an old smith’s tradition at a Miki Hamono forge.
  • Double layered blade (softer steel sandwiched around the hard steel core) makes for an easier sharpening.
  • Blade is made of “V-Gold” stainless steel.
  • Traditional shape handle made of mahogany.
  • Single bevel blade for precision slicing.
  • Perfect as a gift as the knife comes in a Japanese calligraphy ornamented box.


  • Blade hardness : 59±1 HRC scale
  • Overall length is 375mm
  • Blade length 240mm

Made in Japan