MANPA Belt Sander Attachment


Sanding attachment mounted directly on most angle grinders.

Belts for this attachment can be found here.

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What is special about the MANPA Belt Sander Attachment?

  • Directly mounted on most angle grinders (100mm, 115mm, 125mm) with M14 Spindle
  • Very safe and easy to handle
  • Long working surface of the belt (around 250mm) lets sand even the hardest to reach areas
MANPA Belt Sander Attachment
MANPA Belt Sander Attachment


  • Belt length: 620mm
  • Belt Width: 30mm
  • Available Sandpaper grits: #40 #100
  • Recommended minimum power for the angle grinder: ~750W
  • Maximum usage speed: up to 15000RPM but works best with lower speed
  • Weight: 1.1kg (without angle grinder)

Package includes:

  • MANPA Belt Sander Attachment
  • 10pcs. sanding belts #40 grit
  • 2 pcs. hex keys
MANPA Belt Sander Attachment

Important information:

Always wear protective gear and use both hands when handling the angle grinder!

Angle grinder is not included with this product.

Made in South Korea – MANPA TOOLS

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg


Manufactured in

South Korea