Knife Mioroshi Deba 240mm


Traditional Japanese single bevel knife meant for slicing and filleting raw fish.

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What makes Mioroshi Deba special?

  • In comparison to a usual “Deba” knife, “Mioroshi Deba” blade is narrower, thinner and has a sharper end making it a fusion of “Deba” and “Yanagiba” knives.
  • Knife is made of white paper steel HRC~62, double layered, laminated and high in carbon.
  • Magnolia wood handle with  buffalo horn bolster.

Traditional Japanese knives require special care and attention therefore it’s useful to follow tips for use and maintenance to prevent damage.


  • It is recommended to use either wooden or plastic chopping board as no to chip blade and to preserve  the sharpness of the blade. Do not use chopping boards made of hard materials such as stone, glass or ceramics.
  • Give slight pressure and use a pulling motion while cutting.
  • Hand wash with warm water and coat in oil after each use (to prevent rusting).
  • Do not wash in a dishwasher.
  • Keep the knives in a dry place, separated from other utensils, preferably in a dedicated wooden knife box.
  • Blades should never touch other knives or any other hard objects.
  • To prevent blades from chipping do not bend, chop or press against a hard surface that includes bread with a hard crust.
  • For sharpening we recommend using Japanese sharpening stones and Camellia oil to avoid corrosion.


Made in Japan by Kazayuki Tanaka