MANPA Projecting Cutter


Built from solid block of steel for extra stability. Directly mounted on standard angle grinder with M14 spindle.

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MANPA Projecting Cutter specifications:

  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Max Speed : 15000 RPM
  • Max depth with adapter included in the package – 95mm (can be extended with extra accessories)
  • Spinde Size: M14
  • Weight: 230g
  • 3 Tungsten Carbide cutters ⌀8mm

Package includes:

  • Carving Attachment MANPA Projecting Cutter
  • Adapter M14-M10
  • Torx Key for Carbide Cutters

Caution: Always wear protective gear and use both hands when handling the angle grinder! Also we recommend using and extra attachment handle with angle grinders, for better control and improved safety.


Gamintojas: „Manpa Corporation“